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Our missions

We intervene in the development of women and as well as in schools, associations and institutions dedicated to education, in support of their work and according to 4 axes.


Production of audiovisual projects

We support various audiovisual projects such as movies, documentaries, and series whose main purpose is to support women on their life path and raise awareness.


Individual Coaching

These are one-hour individual interviews for children aged between approximately 3 and 21 years old. Requests for support come either from the school, or from the parents, or from the child. The goal is to have a special space where the youth can express themselves freely. This will allow them to center themselves, to find themselves and to settle down. These accompaniments will allow them to put down things that they are experiencing and that they do not express in a group.



These are group sessions of approximately 10 children. It is a bubble where they can feel confident to allow them to verbalize, to express their creativity, to cultivate their differences and tolerance. The themes are diverse and varied (for example: self-confidence, managing emotions, to go and meet its qualities, connecting to nature…).



These are conferences on various themes with the aim of supporting children and the development of women:

  1. Allow them to discover their natural talents

  2. Make them aware of respect for nature and ecology

  3. The management of emotions

  4. Other themes aimed at making them aware of their full potential

You are a school or an educational structure, or an association for women and you are interested in our support? Please contact us via the form below to study the feasibility of intervening at your location.



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