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Our two mission axes

Change the world

By helping women fully take their place and become aware of their value. Bringing light to their gifts and talents, based on the principle that every woman has something exceptional within her to offer the world. A gift, a resource… and if she goes to meet it and discover it and aligns her life with it, all the doors to all her dreams open to them, leaving room for her to expand.

Accompany each child, teenager or young adult, between 3 and 21 years old, to reconnect with their deep nature: their uniqueness, their humanity, their joy, their creativity, their gifts, their freedom to think and act, their magic, their values, its functioning and its place in the community.

We support individual coaching projects, workshops, conferences, internships and other activities that go in this direction.

We also offer stories that create powerful triggers for women to help them realize their value.


Our values

We hope that the foundation can change the world by helping women to fully take their place, to raise awareness of their value and put them forward in a real spirit of listening, exchange and solidarity.
We hope that the foundation can respond to the lack of bearings or meaning that one may feel during childhood or as a woman.
That women and young people can reconnect to their soul, their joy and their inner resources, be enlightened about their blockages and limiting beliefs and find hope.
May they realize and accept their differences and be able to get out of the framework in which they might feel locked in to bring out the best in themselves.
Have faith in yourself, in Life. Learn to listen to your intuition and trust yourself, dare to act according to your own convictions in order to flourish, be happy in your life. Learn to live according to the natural laws of Life by drawing inspiration from Nature.

Children in Nature
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