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André & Benedicte


André Roberti has teamed up with Bénédicte Touchard de Morant to carry out a project that will support women on a large scale!

For this ambitious project, we have started an international survey to give women a voice and to support them even better on:

  • what they feel

  • The obstacles they encounter

  • Their dreams


Marylene Slangen


Marylène is a self-reconnection coach.


She intervenes in the Communal School of Henri-Chapelle in Belgium. She gives workshops and individual interviews on self-confidence, connection to nature, managing emotions...

Laetitia Bertaina


Laëtitia is a practitioner in hypnosis, R-EMDR and the De Melo method (healing of soul wounds), in Chinese energy training, speech therapist by training.


It operates in partnership with the EASY association (school support association) in La Ciotat, within the premises of the social cohesion centre. She does group workshops with children who are in elementary school. In these workshops, she works with them on building trust, meeting others, discovering differences and their potential, de-dramatizing errors and revaluing them. Some children are then followed up with individual support. 



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